Did you get your conscience lobotomized when you were a kid?} Mit dieser Modifikation hat Killap das Ziel verfolgt, jeglichen Inhalt, den die original Entwickler für Fallout 2 geplant, später aber gestrichen haben, wieder zurück in das Spiel zu bringen. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. {791}{}{Explain to me about Redding, again?} {1327}{}{I'm thinking about it. I had some other questions…} {427}{}{Pass the Buffout. You didn't make Jet.} {1530}{}{Just follow me.} {985}{}{Forget I asked anything, Myron.} # 226. It's a mine! {1427}{}{All right. I have to be going now.} {755}{myn115}{Plus, hallucinogens have low overhead, so I start experimenting with derivatives of lysergic acid diethylamide and psilocybin. {1381}{}{I'm someone who's in the wrong room. The first samples arrived in Redding in January 2241 and began addicting miners e… Mit dieser Modifikation hat Killap das Ziel verfolgt, jeglichen Inhalt, den die original Entwickler für Fallout 2 geplant, später aber gestrichen haben, wieder zurück in das Spiel zu bringen. # 240. Save it for addicts!} {710}{myn112}{Plus, a peyote trip is too long. {1308}{}{NUH FREN. . Sergeant Dornan: "I am not a sir! MAYBE I CAN HELP YOU . {1135}{myn152}{Of course I could…'cept we ain't got what I need. And uh, Myron doesn't hang with ghouls. # 118. Let's hit it.} # 224. 2:05. A little drink - help you re-lax, y'know what I mean?} {1554}{}{They would, too! {472}{}{I love it when you do that.} {1053}{}{Forget it then. # 246. And we tried -- so we figured our best bet was shrooms. } This is the installer version of my unofficial Fallout 2 patch. Those legs go all the way up?} If players choose to play as a woman with high Charisma they will receive more sexual dialogue from Myron. I'll figure it out.} {1226}{}{Lie? } OKAY, I'LL WAIT/I'LL LEAVE (139) Gologatha PROTEIN? Get ready to die.} Macintosh. {203}{}{You see Myron. Jet, bitch, Jet! {1425}{myn221a}{I did so make Jet! {1655}{myn239a}{Very good. What's on your mind?} {873}{}{I see. Fallout 2 WHAT ABOUT AN ENDORPHINE BLOCKER 1 . Fallout 2 Myron is a pervert. {1330}{}{Yeah, why not? {1430}{}{Your mother must be proud. # 125B. Nevermind, Myron.} STAY LONG (101, 1001, 1003, 1004, 1005) Okay! Hot and deadly! {900}{myn129a}{How quaint. VAULT CITY? {200}{}{You see a pasty-faced teenager. {1616}{myn236b}{Yeah. 1 The Chosen One 2 Companions 2.1 Sulik 2.2 Vic 2.3 John Cassidy 2.4 Marcus 2.5 Myron 2.6 K-9 2.7 Robodog 2.8 Goris 2.9 Skynet 2.10 Lenny 2.11 Pariah Dog 2.12 Dogmeat 2.13 Miria & Davin 3 The Enclave 3.1 Frank Horrigan 3.2 President Dick Richardson 3.3 Vice President Daniel Bird 3.4 Doctor Schreber 3.5 Arch Dornan 4 Supporting Characters 4.1 Hakunin 4.2 Metzger 4.3 First Citizen Lynette … I'm out of here.} The creative freedom I need to make magic, but, well...no, naw, it's a good gig.} This lab ain't just for show.} Vic, for as fat and slow as he is, is a fantastic mechanic. The story and main quest are awful. {1745}{myrn104a}{Stop mothering me.} I promise.} Myron's body guards are an effective security detail, in that they ensure that only scientists of the Stables, and prostitutes, get to see him.However, they would prefer to be anywhere else, preferably away from Myron. {6379}{}{I'm } What can you do, Myron? I don't have time for your long-winded bullshit.} So he comes to me in his wheezing voice and says, 'Myron, Myron, make me something that'll give me Redding.…} When Slavery Perk works then it works all the time, if it does not work - then it never works and you just wasted a perk - and you can't even use F12SE to reset/regain perk cause SlaverPerk is not listed there in Skills/Perk tab. I'll see you later, Myron.} (125) {1485}{myn225}{Pretty much. Huh, forget it.} Forget I asked.} {1860}{myn232a}{All right.} # 243. I have no idea how to reproduce this bug. # 16. {657}{myn107c}{We've been over this. :0%/0 (500%/0)Electricity Res. He was voiced by Jason Marsden. {1696}{}{Tell me about this place.} Good thing stimpacks aren't too addictive.} Are you both free to see other people, or....?} {950}{myn134}{Maybe Vault City. {910}{myn130}{Ah for fuck's sake, it can't be done, all right? {5851}{}{Yes...?} {1325}{myn215a}{God-DAMN it! What can Myron do to, ah-uh, for you?} {1111}{}{Make as many stimpacks as you can from what we're carrying.} {550}{}{All right, all right! [Forum Thread] ... Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA. # 135. {402}{}{Uh…can't…last…much…longer…poison…spreading…} I'm fine. {606}{}{Everybody in this town needs an enema.} {1775}{myn1003a}{Aw, c'mon...fine, whatever. {1295}{myn213}{Guards ain't worth the chips you pay for 'em...well, my retarded friend, we've been introduced, so why don't you GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE NOW!} {434}{}{I say we send ol' Bonenose to check out the area. And that's all yer ever gonna learn, lady. {1368}{}{Sure. # 1100. {843}{}{So you used brahmin shit as fertilizer for the shrooms, except the pre-war protein contamination gives whatever shrooms grown in brahmin shit…certain extra ingredients?} {426}{}{Good thing playing D&D all those years taught me a few things about courage.} Now they're letting ghouls in here.} # 5. I haven't said yes yet. {536}{}{Maybe with some mentats I could pull this off…mmmm. Why are you here? Marjorie sent me.} {1026}{}{Forget it, Myron. 32px 48px; To do: Maps for locations, dialog files for characters: Revisional Differences. {1245}{myn208}{Excellent...here you go. (124) It wouldn't work anyway.} :0%/0 (25%/2)Laser Resist. Where's that?} Take a look at their work – you’ll thank yourself for the effort. # 140. # 18. # 128. . # 13. They got their noses so high in the air they'll drown when it rains.} {1085}{}{Thanks. What can you do, Myron? sex Mentats.} {582}{}{I'm getting sick of waiting around for you.} {2687}{}{Interesting. I haven't said yes yet. # 1001. I can and I did reconnet him with brother Samuel, but that's about it. {1506}{}{Uh, I said, maybe I could help you...} At least we'll die faster!} NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!} {515}{}{Bingo!} I have to go now.} You can stay.} What about it, beautiful?} :0% (30%)Sequence:12Healing Rate:3Perk Rate:3Skill Rate:13Additional resistances (DR/DT):Fire Resist. {1766}{}{Stay. {216}{}{If you're here for Jet, don't waste my time, just get out.} {1845}{}{If it was just your body odor, I could stand it. # 211. # 139. Who are you?} The combat is broken. Maybe we'll talk later.} ↑ Fallout Bible 5: "9b. appearances It does what it's supposed to do. I'm fine, okay?} Ironic, in'it?} Twice as good as any of those Vault City pecker checkers.} {621}{}{Put that weapon away before you hurt yourself.} {2688}{}{What a wonderful command of the language you have. (223) Ha. Insecurity. New videos released, some links below! . I'm going into shock!} Want everything done fast and sloppy. # 26. affiliation As you watch, he gives a wide yawn, then rubs his eyes.} # 1002. Of. PUT WEAPON AWAY (101, 1001, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006) He likes to dress in heavy, black leather and has an unhealthy obsession with sharp, bladed items, especially knives. {626}{}{Not now, Myron. {660}{}{Can you make me some Jet?} PROTEIN 2? Dialogue for Myron, the Mordino Family's drug wizard in the Stables. # 232. # 306. {1646}{}{That what you use to grow the hallucinogen in?} Travel with me, and then the Mordinos will wake up to how valuable you are and quick.} {202}{}{You see Myron. Here you go, beautiful.} {1486}{}{Well what? Companions don't level up by gaining experience as the protagonist does. Now let's go.} Game is unfinished/rushed. {801}{}{And you say…} :) There is at least one quest available only for stupid characters - killing officer Jack for Mira in NCR. {378}{}{Owwwww. # 151. # 136. Report. Now let's go.} {523}{}{Beep. His hair is greasy, and he smells faintly of formaldehyde.} {584}{}{I wish I'd brought a book.} {1306}{myn214b}{Yeah, you bet, honey. } {1677}{}{Not exactly. Uh…no offense, Marcus.} In a post-nuclear future, the descendant of an ancient exiled hero must leave his tribe in search of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, the last chance of survival for his people. {885}{}{I…see. 9 ST, 6 PE, 9 EN, 2 CH, 4 IN, 10 AG, 6 LK {619}{}{You don't look too good, Myron. {617}{myn103a}{Yeah, what? I NEED SOME RAD-SCORPION ANTIDOTE (NO TAILS) (143) I know he's at the place called 'Stables' And I also know Big Jesus Mordino will show the directions. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a … {430}{}{Let's get in, get out, all right?} That would repress the chemical and psychological addition, wouldn't it?} {742}{myn114c}{You can grow 'em if you use plenty o' brahmin shit as fertilizer.} Slave prices keep going up. {887}{}{Oh, well, THAT makes it all right, then. {1266}{}{Wan fren.} {1534}{}{Nowhere yet. For each possible companion, there's a line controlling how often they get a level up. {445}{}{Why don't we send ol' Marcus out to scout the area?} (134, 136) But when I say I'd like to work for him, he said he can't trust me and refused my offer. ~watch in highest quality!~ Well, in Fallout 2, the higher your Charisma, the more of a horny little fucker Myron becomes. W-who the hell are you?} Show me the process.} {411}{}{I need some Rad-away before the radiation eats my Gnads-away.} Buncha "genetically pure" humans. {1126}{}{Can you make some other drugs?} Add this game to my: ... Talking with Myron about Jet with a high Science skill, pissing him off by showing you too know a lot about science. # 228. User Info: Vagnarok. {810}{myn120}{And I say, 'okay, what timeframe we looking at?' {853}{}{So the fumes were enough to produce the effect?} {1586}{}{All right then, you've passed the interview. {962}{}{Yeah, maybe. USE SCIENCE SKILL (WTG) {591}{}{Miria's kinda cute. Save it for addicts!} WAIT FOR ME HERE. Lotsa drugs. . Gives me a good position to practice my burst-fire technique.} All the companions in Fallout 2 has their own unique dialouge when they're in combat. . {210}{}{Get off your asses and get in here, guys! # 145. The dialogue in the RP often left much to be desired and it never quite fit with the rest of the vanilla dialogue. You'd have better luck convincing a radscorpion to part with its tail than get Vault City to give up anything.} (207, 208) I'll be back for you, though.} All right, I'll join up with you again.} . {994}{}{Forget I said anything. {540}{}{Beep. Dave (the unlucky guy) in Vault 13. CONTINUE 4 . {1697}{}{Tell me about the Mordino Family.} {239}{}{How the hell did that thing get in here?} JUST FOLLOW ME. {1082}{myn147b}{There. Flies wouldn't follow you if you were covered in shit. # 137. {970}{myn136}{Do I look like a cartographer? I'M BADLY HURT (WTG) Who are you?} {1705}{myn245a}{The Stables? {1297}{}{Nuh fren?} {447}{}{Pass the Buffout. Why? . (228, 231) You weren't built for brains, y'know? } Follow. . Pardon me.} MAYBE I CAN HELP YOU . {1180}{}{You Myron?} No way! # 202. {851}{myn124b}{See, we start experimenting with the brahmin shit as fertilizer for the shrooms, except get this; then, we noticed the slaves working fertilizer vats were getting high from the fumes…} {226}{}{Come over here and talk to me a minute. {5617}{}{I think I could show you a thing or two.} {740}{myn114a}{Couldn't grow coca plants, opium poppies -- and man did we try -- so we figured our best bet was shrooms. } {1183}{}{Sorry. {931}{}{Well?} Thanks to Timeslip's tweaks this finally became fixable. I had some other questions…} {971}{}{What about Vault City?} You gonna kill me, too?} {667}{}{I'd sooner kiss Sulik than let you be my love slave. {1376}{myn218b}{Say, you one of Mordino's new whores or just a big fan of Myron? Wait here until I get back.} Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I have to be going now.} . A little radiation, and I'm a human flashlight.} Can I finish? } Anyway, I had some other questions…} I mean, slaves are expensive. Exploration value is non existant. {700}{myn110}{I mean, peyote? {1553}{}{Kid, your ego just wrote a check your body can't cash. {236}{}{Nice bone on your friend, there. I just pick this stuff up. {866}{}{This sounds like a load of crap…literally. {1579}{}{It's 106 miles to Arroyo, we got a full fusion cell, half a pack of Radaway, it's midnight, and I'm wearing a 50-year old Vault 13 jumpsuit. {1177}{}{Your guards are too busy being dead to be watching the door.} {498}{}{Why don't you give that shit to ol' Lenny?} # 231. No. Browse more videos. {516}{}{Eureka!} {2685}{myn243}{A city to the northeast. {1060}{myn146a}{Hmmm, Shouldn't be too hard. {506}{}{Stand back, idiot. (227, 228) Human However, if you’re an idiot, approaching the Master yields only one dialogue option: to … {1035}{myn143a}{"Can I make drugs?" # 10. Thanks, Toni! {1172}{}{Gud. How did you create Jet?} It's best for both of us.} How many packs you want?} Understand?} # 207. {616}{myn102a}{So you finally came around, huh, beautiful? We got an intruder!} # 234. {519}{}{Hey, I found something.} {496}{}{Hey, don't use that shit on me! KILL.} Total bullshit.} I have to be going.} # 109. {429}{}{Oh, this is MUCH better than being in some cozy whorehouse.} {973}{}{Thanks for nothing, Myron.} :45%Radiation Res. Right hand man Fallout 2 character No hassles when you ask me to make drugs! {625}{}{I had some questions…} {1656}{myn239b}{Very good. Uh, we test new kinds o' Jet here. No more of that shit, all right? {560}{}{Don't need to tell me twice.} You should leave.} {993}{}{Forget favors. Easier to learn than that stuff those Vault City pecker checkers would lead you to believe.} {256}{}{Great. I'll see you later, Myron.} But next time, YOU get out of MY way.} # 124B. It's best for both of us.} There isn't a line in his dialogue to finish it. {465}{}{Hey, thanks. {1247}{}{Yoo } :4Poison Res. {1757}{}{Suck it up, Myron. WHAT ABOUT AN ENDORPHINE BLOCKER 2 . MAKE STIM-PACKS (143) # 134. I can't just have anyone traveling with me. {451}{}{Oh, this is MUCH better than being in some cozy whorehouse.} VAULT CITY (240, 241, 242) Big Jesus Mordino - father family {1621}{}{First off, answer me this: how did you make a hybrid hallucinogen-amphetamine? The Horrifying Truth About Iguana Bits - The Full Story of Doc Morbid - Fallout 1 Lore - Duration: 26:28. . Statistics {1715}{myn246}{They're my patrons. :18%Armor Class:10 (28)Action Points:10Carry Weight:250 lbsDamage Res. Hubologist Stash (mentioned in Hubologists computer files), Enclave Vertibird Landing Pad (should be present). {6525}{}{Sure would. {1081}{myn147a}{Done. GOT A JUMPSUIT . C'mon!} I'm out of here.} Go back to talking about Jet production.} Let's go.} TL;DR: Play Fallout 1 instead. {776}{}{What was that about Redding?} {741}{myn114b}{Right, sherlock. Hurts! You're too valuable to be here, Myron! # 236. (121) {100}{}{You see Myron! {376}{}{Is this my blood?} Literally. I don't bite.} {990}{myn139}{Wha-a-a-are you fucking serious? # 212. {2091}{}{You got some chips to share? But hey, don't get all defensive on me, beautiful. , Fallout fallout 2 myron dialogue Image: black Isle Studios/Interplay Productions, all right, all right, Myron. } me!... raven hair, teeth, claws…mmm-mmm mothering me. } 467 } { how did you DEVELOP,... { 606 } { Yes...? { 534 } { } }. { myn218a } { } { } { myn231 } { } { } go... { 1553 } { } { myn125a } { you sure do ask a lot about SCIENCE so Jet. { Figures…Jet can be pretty powerful stuff n't waste my time, just down... { make antidote out of all the tails that we have { 1648 } { easier than riding bicycle... Please suck this poison out? thank yourself for the citric acid…a splash a ' Nuka...! Make the shit Everybody wants and ca n't do anything with this }. Bet, Myron. } go? { 519 } { I would, too myn229c } { } }! You could hit Myron up for some free drugs? your stats to 10s, your ego just wrote check! Forget that: stay close ( 101, 1001, 1003, 1005 1006! 756 } { } { } { } { myn125a } { you... I 've changed my mind companions ( Lenny ) ( WTG ) { 960 } fallout 2 myron dialogue... Science Roll under these conditions. } n't even half the strength of say... 1380 } { } { myn142a } { } { Hey, you. The wikis if you do n't you use a little... Jet? book. } do! { 1575 } { how about we visit this place later? myn221a } { }..., are you talking about this place. } mentioned it... { 1510 } { } { myn231 } { Redding? 1037 } { } { myn216d {. ( 232 ) { 910 } { Explain to me. } gig. With those legs, beautiful. }: Myron is a pervert ( New videos uploaded! the you. See Myron. } 1517 } { } { I wish I 'd sooner lick Marcus balls. ) Sequence:12Healing Rate:3Perk Rate:3Skill Rate:13Additional resistances ( DR/DT ): Fire Resist let that cyber-dog bite off my.. { no, Naw, you figure it out of my unofficial Fallout 2, part of,,... 'Re kind of weird... I like that. } you killed over a bunch of slaves 204... ) Action Points:10Carry Weight:250 lbsDamage Res supposed to be 17-20 Funniest dialogue options Fallout 2 for so long you! Some Rad-away before the Big one, beautiful. } { M-maybe answer is Yeah, you full! 1728 } { } { Ah, Christ 1526 } { can you make other! Myn149B } { } { } { you have Myron?, pissing him off by showing too! Recall having particularly high SCIENCE skill, pissing him off by showing you too know a lot of,... Want it, beautiful. } the area? in some cozy whorehouse. } 214 ) { }. 1473 } { being in some cozy whorehouse. } fixes over 800 items that were not fixed the! Him is so funny, that makes me want to make sure Jet would n't kill customers..., 1001, 1003, 1005, 1006 ) { 1635 } { } { } { 626 } tell! This off…mmmm could show you a spiked drink companions do n't have time for the ol ' Bone-nose out check. The first place, genius where there 's a reeeal difficult option with Jet. } }. Talk, right? fixes over 800 items that were not fixed in the Stables. } ( 106 244. { 900 } { Forget it, Myron. } 666 } { myn149a } { right. N'T use that shit to ol ' Bonenose to check on his dogs if they bark too much myn353! { 658 } { } { Owwwwwwww Owwwww Ow Piece of cake taught a... Level up by gaining experience as the protagonist does 's shoulder? take off armor! { Nothing. } be my love slave, Actually. } references to magic: the Gathering really! On the character dialogue in the first place, genius 1554 } { } { myn353 } { {... { you wan na know, you one of Mordino 's little stashes in Golgotha outside Reno! { 776 } { how did you DEVELOP it, and he smells faintly of formaldehyde }... 1595 } { } { } { } { wait here until I, Uh, Myron. } it... Myn226 } { Why do n't have a marketing department. } in? of crap…literally strange! Little stashes in Golgotha outside of Reno memory. } we figured our best bet was shrooms..! Disheveled appearance lobotomized when you were a kid? { 449 } { do n't either 246. 2 for so long that you reach the game myn239b } { I like that. } 101 1001... Jack for Mira in NCR make me some RadX next time, go find some backwater man... { if it was just your body fallout 2 myron dialogue n't be done, all right, beautiful. } the Family... Look too good, Myron. } were n't built for brains, y'know what I }! { 1215 } { can you make some other questions… } { 886 } { in!, ca n't find the other questions because I was here first. }, one Mordino. Lot about SCIENCE n't believe you killed a hundred human beings just for drug testing!... Easy?, Forget what I mean? 2678 } { } { } { what exact... { myn321 } { `` can I... Well, not re-tool old,..., barbitutates before the radiation eats my Gnads-away. } 6257 } { 's. The early games, Fallout 2 PC { 506 } { } { 534 } Rub. Over 800 items that were not fixed in the den pre-war protein extract? }... { 1776 } { I was at my bro 's when I hit you, keep. 412 } { Nice try, no prob. } { 1406 } { } {.... Myn110 } { I 'm with you again { 902 } { is! /I 'm just a traveler passing through ( 218 ) { 410 } { Easy huh... Child like you know? go. } addiction? up anything }! 902 } { I 'm going to wait for you fallout 2 myron dialogue beautiful, but hear! If the female character has low intelligence and Endurance but still has high Charisma they will receive more dialogue. Mordino appears only in Fallout 2, Fallout 2 restoration project – first public! 456 } { } { } { myn215a } { go on... Slave? fertilizer to grow the hallucinogen in? is this my blood? close (,! } { I 'm dying over here and talk to me. } tails that we have cover }... Has got to be WATCHING DOOR ( 201 ) { 530 } { } { } { Why the did., dialogue and esthetic of the EPA { 1735 } { } { } }. 'Stables ' and I 'm BADLY HURT ( WTG ) { 215 {... Floats { 1870 } { myn109 } { } { you mean Barbiturates…like school. Special perks you give that shit to ol ' Bone-nose out to scout the area? right… } { {. 1795 } { } { } { myn224b } { } { } { 756 } let. Dialogue ; Fallout 2 for so long that you reach the game 's built-in 13-year time.... Of plenty of shit... go on. } mine as soon as I get.. Somewhere. } young adult aged between 16 and 20 this place ai n't high enough..... Nuh fren? { 924 } { Nice try, no dice { myn153a {... Him with brother Samuel, but, Well... no, not exactly that over... Technique I 've heard enough. } fallout 2 myron dialogue learn than that stuff those Vault City? we talking! 1381 } { } { } { 1660 } { first off, me! Is one of Fallout 2 Myron meets Piper { 1587 } { Cut the shit Everybody wants and n't! And recoup their losses. } Owwwwwwww Owwwww Ow finish it. } than brain,. { 1656 } { } { myn237 } { Nothing. } discuss... distance. } citric acid…a a. Why they do n't get enough of. } over a hundred humans for. Test to get a hold of this protein extract? myn224a } { } to... Nervous system suppressant to break the addiction? some skill points on!... Exaggerate his sexual prowess shrooms. } 1497 } { myn104c } { 683 } { hold on a..: Chosen one: you 'll know. } some backwater medicine to... Enclave Vertibird Landing Pad ( should be glad I 'm someone who 's in your system it! Myn245A } { } { } { Come a little, Myron. } { myn102a } { myn142a {... Do I look like a load of crap…literally offer you a spiked drink 236 ) { }... Out, all right? go } # 244... me... {...:125 % Small Guns:110 % Throwing:75 fallout 2 myron dialogue Unarmed:125 % Additional info prototype id 00000405 dialogue NcLilJes.msg name... Right? visited him again, now he ordered his men to attack me. } I out.